Director of Marketing

POSITION: Director of Marketing
LOCATION: Bandra, Bombay, INDIA has grown beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. We have become the portal through which the world comes to learn more about consumers in India, Indian successful brands and brands that have some work to do.

India has started to shine and the rest of the world is looking at us to understand how we do it. It’s not just your reviews or comparisons, it’s the way people in India think, our goals, aspirations and hopes, what makes us tick and what ticks us off…our secret sauce (or our secret daal perhaps?) that makes us this great nation.

Founded in 2000, is looking for an individual whois: Brilliant–Energetic and Super-Self-Motivated

Director of Marketing who is looking for more than just a job. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for someone who gets a rush out of competing-to-win in the online world. This is a chance to leave your mark.

We are a team of passionate people who have built a solid company and grown to millions of users without having a single full-time marketing person. Everyone loves us and we now need your MARKETING GENIUS to make us a global leader in the next 12-18 months

The right candidate understands that Google is successful for reasons beyond being a “good product.” He/she knows it’s all about execution of bold ideas. In fact, you might have been someone who was #2 or 3 at Google or a Google-like enterprise. You have a solid educational background and an urge to make a phenomenal success of your career.
The following should help you decide if this is for you:

(1) We are highly selective about who we hire because of the nature of the opportunity. We can’t waste our time. We’re not looking to manage an employee. We need someone who will be a core member of the team that takes this to the next level. Of the 80 or so people we have interviewed, most are looking for a conventional job. You are clearly not.

(2) You might have an MBA from a recognized B-school or your recent work history reflects your talent and drive. You are the type of person who would have started your own company, except you don’t know how to build technology. We are that group that complements you.

(3) You might consider reading “Hardball: Five Killer Strategies for Trouncing the Competition” in the April-04 issue of Harvard Business Review. If the article gets you excited, we’re looking for you.

Respond with your CV and cover letter and let’s chat. You can email